We have agricultural equipment for professional, semi-professional and private use. This machinery can be new or refurbished, for those customers who need a more affordable option. On request, we can supply any machine that we do not have in stock. We will advise you when purchasing your new machinery in terms of: types, prices or guarantee.

We also have all the spare parts and consumables you need. We have machines to try before you buy.

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    If your agricultural equipment has stopped working properly, we will take care of its repair. Beforehand, we carry out a diagnosis to indicate the type of breakdown and the cost-effectiveness of the repair. If this is not profitable nor worth the effort, we will offer you an Exchange Plan. Our team of specialised mechanics will do their utmost to ensure the correct operation of your machinery. You will be in good hands!

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        Any machine we sell can be brought in for repair, free of charge if it is under guarantee (2 to 5 years, depending on the manufacturer policy).


        We repair used machinery if it is profitable or we will offer you an Exchange Plan if it is not.

        Second-hand and refurbished machinery

        We have second-hand refurbished machinery, which can be a much more affordable option for some customers.

        Our installations.

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        Call now: (+34) 744 62 42 12

        Call now:
        (+34) 744 62 42 12

        Frequently asked questions

        Find out what questions our customers often ask before buying or repairing agricultural equipment.

        What kind of agricultural equipment do you work with?

        We work with all types of small and medium-sized agricultural equipment. Among many others, we have:


        • Chainsaws
        • Multifunctions
        • Vibros
        • Comb shakers
        • Blowers
        • Brushcutters
        • Power tillers
        • Lawnmowers
        • Hedge trimmers
        • Long reach pruners
        • Fumigation trolleys
        • Atomisers
        • Sulphate vats
        • Tracked wheelbarrow
        • Shredders
        • Augers
        • Motor pumps
        • Generators


        We stock all types of consumables and the most common spare parts. Upon request, we can supply any product you need.

        Do you sell second-hand agricultural equipment?

        Yes, we have second-hand machinery, checked by our mechanics and ready to use.

        Can you repair my agricultural equipment? With what guarantees?

        Yes, we can repair almost any type of agricultural machinery, but we first carry out a diagnosis to be able to tell you what type of fault it has and whether the repair is cost-effective. If it is not profitable, we will offer am Exchange Plan, i.e. we will buy your old machine for its unrepaired value or we deduct it from the new machine you purchase.


        Depending on the type of repair, we offer a guarantee on new replacement parts provided they be used correctly.

        Can we help you?

        Contact us to request a visit or an estimate.