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Swimming pools construction

With extensive experience in the sector, we focus on providing our clients with a high-quality service. Our team of specialized technicians is in charge of building the pool you have always wanted from the excavation to the start-up.

We stand out for our customer service and the personalization of our services for each client. If you are looking to build the pool of your dreams, trust Grupo Mostazo, your best choice for building your pool.

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    Pool failures may be more common than we think. If you have detected an anomaly in your pool, we will take care of it.

    We search for and repair leaks, both structurally and in the filtration system. In addition, we also carry out the structural repair of your pool, leveling, changing coatings, grouting with epoxy mortar

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    We offer all kinds of material for the proper functioning and maintenance of your pool. We also have stock of a wide range of products with very competitive prices, to improve their benefits.

    Contact us and explain what your case is.

    We offer you advice regarding the product you need, usability, price… We have the best prices.

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        Call now:
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        Frequently asked questions

        Find out what questions our customers often ask about our pool services.

        How often is it advisable to service a swimming pool?

        It depends on the season and the use of the pool.


        In a domestic pool, in summer it is usually necessary to clean the pool and check the chlorine and pH levels at least twice a week, and in winter this could be reduced to once a week.


        In a communal pool, it is necessary to clean the pool daily during the use season. In the off-season, it could be reduced to one cleaning per week.


        As for preventive maintenance, a visual inspection should be carried out from time to time to detect possible leaks or air ingress, and the sand filter or pump pre-filter should be cleaned at least once a week, depending on use and capacity.

        What are the advantages of salt chlorination systems?

        The main advantage of salt chlorination systems is that they are less harmful to the skin than the usual chlorine tablets.


        Besides, other advantages are:

        • Greater safety in handling and storage, as salt is a natural product that does not favour the production of corrosive environments.
        • Saving in products as the salt is recovered once the water has been disinfected. Salt only needs to be added when the filter is washed as new water is added to the pool and the concentration decreases.
        • Water consumption is also reduced.
        • Greater convenience in pool maintenance.

        What types of treatment are there for the purification of swimming pools?

        There is a multitude of treatments and new methods are implemented every day. The most commonly used are the following, in order of highest to lowest usage:


        • Traditional chlorine treatment with manual dosing: This is the usual treatment, with one person dosing the chlorine and acid by hand. Other products such as anti-algae, flocculants, pH correctors, etc. must also be administered, as it is hard to maintain the correct levels in the pool.


        • Automatic dosing of chlorine and acid: The treatment is the same as the previous one, except that the dosage is carried out by pumps that deliver a constant quantity, determined manually by qualified personnel. As the dosage is constant, it is also difficult to maintain the correct levels, as these are very changeable depending on conditions.


        • Automatic sensor-controlled dosing of chlorine and acid: It is the same as the previous one, except that sensors constantly monitor the concentration of chlorine and pH and determine the amount to be injected. With this system, good level control is achieved but it is a little more expensive and less affordable for a household pool.


        • Salt Chlorination: This system uses salt and electrolysis to produce chlorine in situ, thus disinfecting the pool using a natural, non-harmful product. Salt is poured directly into the pool at a certain concentration, and generally only needs to be replenished when new water is added to the pool and the concentration decreases. The downside is that it is an expensive installation and the electrolytic cell must be properly maintained.


        • Ozone: It is the best disinfectant method available but it is quite expensive. It eliminates all the problems generated by chlorine, such as odours, eye irritation, stinging, etc. It acts as an algaecide and flocculant, leaves no residues and has therapeutic effects, and does not require the replenishment of chemical products, it only consumes air and electricity.


        • Copper-Silver Ionisation: It is equipment that generates copper and silver ions that help to minimise the need for chlorine, anti-algae and flocculants, achieving a fairly good water quality. However, it is a complementary system, as it does not achieve complete disinfection and PH control of the pool on its own.

        What types of pool repairs do you carry out?

        We repair leaks in any part of the filtration system as long as they are visible. We also repair pumps or replace sand with glass.


        Also, whenever we start with the maintenance of a swimming pool we do it with a technical inspection of the pool, where we check that all the parts are in perfect conditions, to maintain the water with the appropriate parameters and crystal clear.

        Why hire a specialised company instead of maintaining the pool myself?

        Hiring a specialised company like us allows you not to worry about the maintenance of the pool, having it always ready for use, and, in the long run, allows you to save money by not having to make corrective solutions for leaving the water in bad condition.


        If your pool is not as you would like it to be, our staff is committed to putting your pool in optimal conditions whatever its state in 24/48h, (once all the fluid-mechanical components of the installation are working properly).

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